Feb Board Meeting Report

Your board of directors met in February to discuss plans for the 2023 season. Among other topics, which can be reviewed in our board documents section for members, your directors finalized plans for: If you have issues you would like addressed at this or any board meeting or membership meeting, please submit them via email […]

What are YOU doing this year?

We have a very active club, as it turns out! One of our goals this year is to get more small, regional meetups and educational items on the agenda. Are you or your organization doing something cool with falconry this year? Tell us about it! If it’s open to the public, or a subsection of […]

Tales of Falconry

The Mews News is looking for a short, 1 paragraph, tale of a time in falconry when you “Embraced you failure” – what went wrong? How did you learn? Alternatively, a 1 paragraph humorous story about a time falconry didn’t go quite as you expected. Email to matt@vercant.com or editor@nysfa.org

Membership Dues

At our Feb 19 board meeting, our board of directors discussed raising membership dues. With the many expenses rising, and our last due increase over a decade in the past, it is necessary to raise dues to ensure we can continue to support and expand programming for falconers all over NYS. In particular, the following […]

National NYSFA Mews News Competition

Matthew Vercant, NYSFA Editor Here at NYSFA we like to eat, and we like to get educated (or “schooled” as the young folks might have it). We’re pleased to bring NYS and the broader North American Region issues of our journal, the Mews News, annually. We have fun with it, for sure. Sometimes it’s even […]

Over 200 years of falconry

Left to right Rick West, Lester Blauvelt, Tom Cullen, Paul Kupchok, Chris Von Scilegen,Peggy Cullen, Bill Robinson, Peter Devers on ground. Taken at the NSFA meet 2022 Over 200 years of combined dedication to the NYFA and falconry. We are so very proud and thankful of those who continue to forge the path forward with […]

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program

When: February 3-5, 2023 Where: Camp Allegany, Allegany State Park, Western NY Cost: $295 Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) and Beyond BOW are programs designed to teach women outdoor skills. These programs provide women with information, encouragement, and hands-on instruction in outdoor skills such as fishing, shooting, archery, hunting, trapping, outdoor photography, map and compass, survival, camping, canoeing, and […]

3-186A database update

Edit: as of 1.6.2023 the database appears to be back up Special Licenses reached out to us this afternoon. USFWS confirms that the 3-186A database has been down since Saturday, and they are unsure when it will be back up again. For now, NYS DEC Special Licenses asks that falconers be patient, and please DO […]

It’s annual report time!

It’s annual report time! Don’t forget to file your annual Falconry report with the DEC before the end of December. But I lost my reporting form! Here’s a direct link to a form-fillable PDF provided by Teresa! Download it here But the post office doesn’t deliver it on time! What should I do? You can […]