Suggested Reading

Books for the pre apprentice/apprentice

While almost every book written on the subject has something to offer, the books mentioned below are suggested as being useful for falconers practicing falconry, or those considering practicing falconry, in New York State. Most of the titles will also be useful to falconers in other surrounding states, and less so for all USA based falconers.

North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks

Frank L. Beebe and Harold M. Webster

Forty-eight Chapters in five Sections: Introduction to North American Falconry (11 Chapters), The Broadwings (5 Chapters), The Shortwings (6 Chapters), The Longwings (11 Chapters), Further Reading (15 Chapters).

Falconry: A Guide for Beginners

Stuart E. Rossell

Book and DVD combination primarily aimed at the apprentice working with the passage Red-tailed Hawk but with useful information for falconers of all levels of experience.

Apprentice Study Guide

California Hawking Club

Essential Apprentice Pre-Test Material that applies to all states.

Apprenticeship Manual

California Hawking Club

Useful information for the apprentice.

The Falconer’s Apprentice

William Oakes

Guide to training the passage Red-tailed Hawk

The Red Tail Hawk

Liam J. McGranaghan

Guide to training the Red-Tailed Hawk

American Kestrels in Modern Falconry

Matthew Mullenix

The go to book for anyone wanting to fly American Kestrels.

Beginners Circle.

William Oakes

Collection of articles for the apprentice.

Understanding the Bird of Prey

Nick Fox

Very comprehensive book covering all aspects of falconry and captive breeding. Limited information on flying passage hawks.

Falconry, Art and Practice

Emma Ford

Limited information on flying passage Red-tailed Hawks but still full of useful information. A good first book.

Falconry and Hawking.

Phillip Glasier

Limited information on flying passage Red-tailed Hawks but choc full of useful information. Another good first book.

Further reading

For those who have read the books aimed at apprentices and are looking for further knowledge, the ones listed below are more focused and tend to be more in depth or specific to one or two species of hawks or a particular type of hawking.

Harris Hawk Revolution

Jennifer and Tom Coulson

Very comprehensive book on flying and breeding the Harris Hawk. Essential reading for anyone contemplating flying, or already flying this species.

A Hawk for the Bush.

Jack Mavrogordato

A treatise on training and flying the European Sparrowhawk. One of the best books ever written on flying the shortwings.

Desert Hawking IV

Harry McElroy

Covering the hawking of Quail and other desert species using Harris Hawks, Coopers Hawks and Aplomado Falcons. Lots of useful information for any falconer.

The Art of Sage Grouse Hawking

Steve Chindgren

Focused solely on hawking Sage Grouse in the American High Desert by the acknowledged master of this branch of hawking.

The Complete Merlin.

Multiple Authors

Covers the flying of Merlins on several continents including articles on flying merlins in the Eastern USA.

The Imprint Accipiter II

Mike McDermott

Covers all aspects of raising, training and flying imprint accipiters.

Developing the Modern Gamehawk

Lynn Oliphant

Guide to raising, hacking and training a longwing for waiting on flights.

Hawking Ground Quarry

Martin Hollinshead

Useful book including information on flying eagles.

Duck Hawking

Joe Roy III

Detailed book on flying large longwings at ducks.

Dirt Hawking

Joe Roy III

A guide to hawking rabbits and Hares.

General Knowledge

The following are books any falconer will find a useful addition to his or her library.

Trapping essentials.

Ben Woodruff

The most definitive book written on the trapping of raptors.

Raptors in Captivity

Lori Arent

Useful medical book covering the keeping and rehabilitating of raptors.

Hawks of North America

Peterson Field Guides

The standard field guide for identifying the different species of birds of prey found in North America.

A photographic Guide to North American Raptors.

Wheeler and Clark

Useful book containing hundreds of photos of North American Birds of Prey.

Recommended Booksellers

Books may be obtained from many sources including but not limited to:

Western Sporting

730 Crook Street

Sheridan, WY 82801

Phone # 888 359 4295



Northwoods Falconry

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Phone # 800 446 5080



Mike’s Falconry Supplies

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