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NYSFA 2022 Calendar of Events

Calendar of Summer Events

The New York State Falconry Association is pleased to add a calendar of summer picnics and wildlife-oriented events affiliated with or sponsored by the club. These events range from informal hunting trips, to more formal educational picnics and field meets. Please check the schedule for details.

Summer Events

  • May 21 WNY Hawking Picnic 
    • Featured Event: WNV Vaccination Workshop & presentation
    • Contact: Matthew Vercant, NYSFA Vice President at vicepresident@nysfa.org
  • June 5 Green Chimneys 
    • Canceled due to concerns surrounding the outbreak of HPAI in New York State.
  • July 30-31 Buddy's Picnic 
    • Featured Event: New Falconer Training and Classes
    • Contact: Sean O'Mahony, NYSFA President at president@nysfa.org

Fall Events

Trapping season opens.

September 1st.

Falconry season opens.

October 1st

Winter Events

  • Nov 4-6 Field Meet Oneonta 
    • Featured Event: Hunting trips, hotel classes, banquet, equipment raffle and guest speaker
    • Contact: Roy Loftfield, Club Treasurer at treasurer@nysfa.org
  • February: Regional Field Meetups
    • Featuring: hunting in-season game with appropriately matched raptors. Excellent for new or interested falconers curious about the field elements of falconry. Dress warmly! We don’t let the weather deter us.
    • Contact: Your area’s regional director for details.

For general information on any of these events, or to add a regional event to next year’s calendar, please email info@nysfa.org and we would be happy to include your event in next season’s roundup. You can also visit nysfa.org/events to see our most recently updated schedule.