NYSFA membership benefits include:

  • Annual NY Falconer newsletters and Mews News journal
  • Monthly email newsletter updates
  • Access to Members Only section of this website
  • Access to falconer-only forums on this website
  • Participation in NYSFA state and regional falconry meets and events
  • State and national lobbying efforts on behalf of NYSFA members
  • A statewide community of dedicated falconers and hawkers

Membership Categories and Criteria

Regular Membership

  • Any New York State citizen, or alien resident within the State, who is a falconer licensed by the State of New York may become a Regular Member.
  • Any interested citizen of the state of New York, or alien resident within the state, may become a regular or life member if approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
  • Regular members are entitled to run for office and vote in elections within the Association.

Associate Membership

  • Any person interested in the sport of falconry who subscribes to the purposes for which this organization was founded who is not resident within the state nor otherwise eligible for Regular Membership may become an Associate Member of the Association.

Honorary Membership

  • A person may become an Honorary Member of the Association if approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Affiliate Membership

  • Any reputable organization, incorporated or unincorporated, local, regional, national, or international having interests, purposes and objectives complementary to, similar to, or allied with those of the New York State Falconry Association, may become an Affiliate Member if approved by a majority vote of the Directors.

Membership Fees

  • Regular Membership  $50.00 per year.
    • Family Regular Membership $75.00 per year. (2 or more Regular Members within the same family.)
    • Lifetime Regular Membership  $500.00 One time price
  • Associate Membership  $50.00 per year.