WNV Vaccination Recommendations

Yes, that magical time of year for falconers is almost upon us! Mosquito breeding season! Here to bring you some recommendations on West Nile Virus prevention and protection, is Doctor Cindy Hopf of the Janet L Swanson Wildlife Hospital!

Dr Hopf Says

Please find the attached document with recommendations for vaccinating for West Nile Virus in order to encourage and provide support to primary care veterinarians who may be uncomfortable administering the vaccine.

NYSFA Falconers - please feel free to download this file and share it with your vet.

Second, we would be happy to vaccinate any bird here at the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital if falconers are able to make the trip. If not able, we would be happy to serve as a point of reference to find veterinarians in their area who may be willing to give the vaccines.

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Cornell University

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