USFWS 3-186A up and running

The USFWS 3-186A database is back up and running! There is a permanent link in our members section, and here it is below.

A few things

1) The ID numbers and passwords for the old site should still work, if falconers remember them. If they need assistance, NYSDEC Special Licenses office can look them up.

2) 3-186A forms that were submitted to the old database (prior to July 2016) were carried over to the new one. NYSDEC SLU still has a spreadsheet with that information and can look up transactions prior to July 2016, though, if need be.

3) Paper forms that have been submitted since July 2016 did NOT get carried over. The states have to enter those manually. We have copies of all paper forms that were submitted during that period, but it’s going to take a little time to get them all entered. NYSDEC SLU are still going to maintain the paper copies in the falconers’ folder, however, so if someone is looking for a copy of something they submitted, they can still look it up.

4) Falconers should be aware that the license level, addresses and in some cases, names, that are in the current database reflect what was on file in 2016 (or earlier). USFWS does not have a record of upgrades and address changes that happened during the 2+ year interim, so falconers should check and correct this information when they log in for the first time.


The following information is the Environmental Conservation Law of New York State. Links to it and other general information can be found on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website at