NYSFA Summer Picnic

Join us for a great summer picnic, with classes geared to beginner and experienced falconers and game hawkers alike!

Summer Picnic Is Sunday July 31st

Noon to 5pm

Tawasentha Park in Albany County

Burgers, Dogs, and water will be provided. We ask that you please bring a dish to share.

We have the small pavilion reserved for us, it does have some power available, should anyone have anything in a crockpot.


  • 10am: 101 fundamentals class
  • 1130-12: picnic begins
  • 1pm: burgers and dogs will be served
  • 2pm: 201 fundamentals class
  • 5pm picnic concludes

We are planning to bring back our 101 and 201 fundamentals of falconry classes.

About the Classes

Not just for new apprentices, but for life-long students of falconry (hey, that's every falconer!).

101 Class: covers the basics of falconry and apprenticing. Its geared tward pre apprentices and apprentices in their early stages. Also could be beneficial for those looking to sponsor apprentices for the first time.

As this is only encompasses a small portion of our picnic guests, we’ll be holding this class before the picnic at 10am, To allow those in attendance to make the most of the picnic.

201 Class: is about getting the most out of your game hawk. Covering topics such as weight management & fitness.

Please note this park is glass free. While we do have a permit for alcohol. Any beverages must be in a can.

I will be keeping an eye out on avian flu cases in the area and will put out a notice at least a week before the picnic regarding if we will be allows falconry birds to attend.

RSVP & Volunteering

Folks wishing to attend please RSVP, let me know a rough number of guests, to ensure we have enough food. In addition if you have an idea what dish you’ll be sharing, that we way don’t end up with a dozen dips, and nothing else. Also anyone wishing to attend the 10am class please let me know as well.

Also looking for a volunteer or two, to man the grill for us. Charcoal and cooking utensils will be provided.

For RSVP and questions:

contact Sean O'Mahony