NYSFA Meet Planning & Budget review

Hi folks! The board has met again in June, followed by an executive session to examine finances and make a plan going forward to remain within our operating budget. A few things came out of these discussions we want to fill you in on.

First, some great news; membership is up year over last, engagement is up online, and responses to the increased quality of the Mews News, shirts and meet pins, class offerings, and picnics is overwhelmingly positive. We also want to keep raising and maintaining the high standards for our classes and guest speakers. Super cool to see the Association doing great things and improving!

To maintain all these things, and keep the meet as robust as possible, it's clear we need to raise meet fees for the first time in a while. The bump is only $10 if you preregister, and the banquet fee can remain the same. We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to seeing you at the meet!

The field meet fee will be $45 for early registration this year, and $50 at the door. You can register for the meet and the banquet online by clicking here.