Mews News 2021 heading to print

The Mews News for 2021 is getting buttoned up this week, and Friday we send this gorgeous issue to the printers. Once that happens, it will also get automatically mailed out to all current members. If you haven't paid your dues yet (maybe because you usually pay at the November meet) you can do it online. It's easy!

Head to the members section and renew your dues if you need to, and - this is key - update your mailing address. Get in touch with the board if you have concerns about mailing address changes or you're having trouble getting your dues set up by Friday.

We've all been cooped up a bit, and we really want you to get this issue. Personally, I'm super proud of everyone who's published in it - incredible content by incredible falconers in NYS, all articles; no advertisements, no reports. Just falconers writing to falconers, about falconry. There are over 60 pages here, with skills articles, poems, cultural "mewsings" (couldn't resist), pictures and so much more from every corner of the state.

We have some exciting board work going on too, some of which is already starting to show progress in the Members sections of the website. Stay tuned!

Matt / NYSFA Editor