Find your FEDID!

It's that time of year! Trapping is happening, and hopefully you know where your FEDID is written down to report those traps and transfers. If, however, you're in the unfortunate position of having misplaced your FEDID, what can be done about it?

Recommended steps to finding your missing FEDID

Teresa from the DEC recommends the following steps you can take to find your FEDID:

  1. Any falconers that have been newly licensed since the new database went live (let’s say, since 2019 and later) should have received their FEDID in the welcome letter that was enclosed with their license.  
  2. We also did an inventory of our falconry licenses in January 2021 and sent out a bunch of letters informing folks that we no longer accept paper 3-186A forms and informing them of their FEDID.
  3. Falconers who had a FEDID from the old database that crashed in 2016 have the same FEDID. Their Username will be whatever they had back then, though they may need to request a password reset. This reset will be sent to whatever email address they had on file as of the 2016 crash.
  4. BONUS ADDENDUM: PLEASE double or triple check your license to make sure that we have your current mailing address and email address on file. We really do try to stay on top of things, but we can’t send communications to an address that we don’t know about. When you request a mailing address change, we send out a brand new copy of your license with the corrected address. If you don’t have a shiny new copy of your license with the correct license, then we don’t have your current address on file.

Speaking as the editor and person in charge of mailing NYSFA Mews News out, number 4 is really a big problem. We get about 10% of our mailing returned each year, and then I follow up and try to find ya'll, and of those I follow up with, maybe HALF get their address corrected that way.

So if you're missing your FEDID - check those places first! And if all else fails, emailing Special Licenses at is the best method to get your FEDID looked up.