Educational Materials

At March 2021 board meeting, the board voted in favor of improving our online resources for falconers. This includes a large-scale overhaul of our website, downloads and archives sections (included in your membership), but also having a reasonable spread of starting materials for apprentices right here.

We've reached out to the Ontario Hawking Club and the Pennsylvania Falconry & Hawk Trust, both of whom have excellent resources in these areas, and both of which generously agreed to let us republish or edit whatever we need. Thank you to our neighbors for their assistance! We'll be working with these clubs over the coming weeks to update and reorganize our own resources, and use some of theirs to help shore up documents missing from our own archives.

If there's an area of the website, or outreach and education that you're passionate about, contact to discuss how you can pitch in! Our editorial staff are always looking for excellent articles for the annual Mews News magazine as well!