3-186A Falconry database downtime August 1-3, 2023

The 3-186A Falconry database used by Falconers, States, Territories, and the Federal Government will be down from 01 to 03 August 2023.  The database can be found here: https://epermits.fws.gov/falcP/

The USFWS will be uploading numerous database improvements that have been requested and tested by State Falconry Administrators.  These database changes will be helpful for Falconers in uploading their falconry actions (take, transfer, loss, theft, death).   With these changes, Falconers should ensure that their data is accurate before clicking 'save,'  as any errors on the saved 3-186A form can ONLY be changed by the State/Territory Falconry Administrator.   If you have questions, please review the Quick Start Guide crafted for Falconers under the 'help' icon on the database, or contact SpecialLicenses@dec.ny.gov .