2023 Field Meet Rough Schedule

Our annual field meet will be Dec 8-10. This date change is due to the hotels' booking constraints this year, but it gives us an opportunity to be field-focused during the day, and warm in the banquet hall at night!

2023 Field Meet Rough Schedule


  • 12pm - Registration & Weathering Yard Open
  • 12pm - Sunset – HUNTING
  • 5 pm - Registration & Weathering Yard Closed
  • 5 pm - Fundamentals of Falconry, 101: Perfect for interested beginners, great way to meet new people
  • 6 pm  Pizza Party! Great way to meet new folks and greet old friends


  • 7 am –  Registration & Weathering Yard Open
  • 7 am - Various hunting groups coordinated privately, or via forum or FB
  • 10 am - Coping class: Learn to do beaks and talons 
  • 12 pm - Lunch hour
  • 2 pm – Raptor equipment Basics (anklets, jesses, leashes, etc.)
  • 4 pm - Registration & Weathering Yard Closed
  • 4:30 pm - Membership Meeting (fully dues paid members only)
  • 6 pm - Banquet, guest speaker and raffle

We host an annual field meet, generally the first weekend of November each year. We focus on trying to keep this meet in a central location with respect to state residents, and encourage all falconers to attend. In addition to field activities, we have classes on husbandry, proper field care, guest speakers, videos, lectures, and of course - our annual banquet and benefit raffle!

Register for the 2023 Field Meet & Banquet Dec 8-10