2022 Field Meet Guest Speaker: Hannah Majewski

We are pleased and excited to announce that the 2022 Field Meet Guest Speaker will be Hannah Majewski. Hannah is a falconer and a PhD candidate in Literary Studies and Medieval Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A voracious and active scholar, and falconer, Majewski's areas of study and publication include Old Norse Literature, Avian-Human Relations and Women and Gender studies. Majewski has presented previously on a variety of topics to other falconry clubs, and we are very pleased to have her attending and speaking to the club at the 2022 Field Meet.

More details on her talk will become available throughout the summer of 2022

About Hannah Majewski

I grew up on a farm in southern Door County, WI, and was homeschooled from first through eighth grade. On that farm during my childhood, my parents fostered a learning environment that allowed me to explore my interests and pursue my questions to their furthest, which inspired in me a life-long joy for learning (briefly dimmed during those rough public high school years). I struggled to find the right path to take for years (I even completed some nursing school) while raising my two children, and finally allowed myself the joy of studying English at the age of 26. It was during those studies, preparing myself to teach high school English, that I stepped into a class on the history of the English language and somewhere in my mind a light clicked on. It was the first step on the journey that brought me here in pursuit of my PhD in Medieval Literature. 

I spend my free time practicing falconry (and will happily bend your ear about it if you let me!). I currently have two dogs and two cats, and I enjoy sewing, a good British cuppa, and dancing in my kitchen, and I hope to travel extensively in the future. I'd particularly like to visit Norway, Iceland, Ireland, and Scotland, as well as spend more time in England and Wales.